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Christmas Yule Logs

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6-8 pers – $45 /  10-12 pers – $68

Viennese buckwheat biscuit, clementine marmalade and Bavarian cardamom. The marriage of flavors here promises a tasty and refreshing log. The pieces of clementine peel feel like biting into a burst of sunshine. What a Wow effect!

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6-8 pers – $45 /  10-12 pers – $68

Soft chocolate biscuit, haskap jelly, dark chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate and dark chocolate shavings. The fruity touch of the delicate chocolate and haskap roll balances the chocolate accents of the whole. Soft and light at the same time. Boldly classic! 

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6-8 pers – $45 /  10-12 pers – $68

Soft rolled pecan cookie, caramel whipped cream, wrapped in caramelized apple jelly. Thanks to the still crunchy texture of the apples and the tender walnut biscuit, this log offers great freshness. It delicately celebrates the taste of authentic dark caramel. 

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6-8 pers – $45 /  10-12 pers – $68

Soft spiced biscuit, ganache whipped with white chocolate and cranberry cream. Festive, both in its look and its taste! A happy blend of the acidity of the cranberry with the winter flavors of the spices, highlighted by the airy sweetness of the whipped ganache. 

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